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Nov 2211, 2017

Do You Know Your Family Health History?

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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and National Family Health History Day. Since Thanksgiving is a time when families gather, the Surgeon General encourages us to talk about any health issues that are common within your family. Why do I need to know my family health history? Knowing your [...]

Nov 1511, 2017

Great American Smokeout 2017: Quit Smoking for One Day

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November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. You can raise awareness of lung cancer by participating in the Great American Smokeout on November 16th. This event focuses on giving current smokers the tools and encouragement needed to quit smoking. Smokers can use the date to make a [...]

Nov 711, 2017

Lung Cancer Awareness Month: What You Should Know

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While lung cancer is the second most common cancer in men and women, it is by far the leading cause of cancer death. Each year, more people die of lung cancer (29% of all cancer deaths) than of colon (8.4%), breast (6.8%), and prostate (4.4%) cancers [...]

Nov 111, 2017

Open Enrollment: #GetCovered!

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This week marks the beginning of a very condensed Open Enrollment. Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions:   Do I need coverage through the Marketplace? You will need to choose a plan if you do not have coverage through a job, Medicare, Medicaid, [...]

Oct 2710, 2017

LGBT History Month: How Has Tobacco Advertising Affected Health Disparities?

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Advertisement by Lucky Strike that reads "Whenever someone yells 'Dude, that's so gay', we'll be there". Image from National Review Trends in the general public are reflecting tobacco companies’ biggest fears: tobacco use is on the decline. However, in the case of one community, [...]