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Suwannee River AHEC’s commitment to improving the health of our communities includes providing ongoing support to area employers who recognize that workplace initiatives positively impact employee health, work/life balance, and satisfaction with their employer.

There are many ways SRAHEC can help your organization achieve Workplace Wellbeing so we have created this guide to initiate the conversation. Follow the flowchart below to initiate your plan of action.

Employee wellbeing is linked directly to both their satisfaction and engagement at work and at home. Cultivating wellbeing as an integral part of your company culture drives both expected and unexpected benefits. Engaged employees are almost always those with the highest sense of personal wellbeing. We want to help you stay on the cutting-edge of Workplace Wellbeing trends and developments.


“SRAHEC has greatly assisted us at AGTC in developing a truly employee-focused program. SRAHEC helped us develop a robust employee survey that allowed us to evaluate the interests and needs of all employee groups. Additionally, SRAHEC provided a great deal of assistance with identifying program providers that could truly meet our needs as a company. Their assistance saved us time and ensured we catered to multiple employee groups across different ages and interests. All SRAHEC team members involved in our project were very attentive, and truly took the time to understand our company culture and needs. Overall, it was a pleasure to work with SRAHEC.”

Shemifar Freytes, MSE|Junior Executive, Office of the CEO, Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation


Implementing & Servicing HEALTHY company culture has never been this easy!