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Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support Webinar Series

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February 13, 2018

Money Matters in DSMT: Increase Your Reimbursement Now!

 This jam-packed and detailed presentation is exactly what diabetes healthcare professionals have been looking for, and what they need to pocket those elusive Medicare dollars for Diabetes-Self Management Training (DSMT)! Medicare’s hot-off-the-press most current coverage guidelines are outlined in a very straightforward and easy to understand manner, with special emphasis on those that create the most confusion: DSME referrals; lab criteria; utilization limits and structure of the benefit in the first year and follow up years; beneficiary entitlement; provider eligibility criteria to furnish the benefit; billing provider eligibility; DSMT telehealth; required procedure codes; quality standards via program accreditation or recognition; approved and excluded practice settings; the extra rules for FQHCs and RHCs, and the DSMT’s national and adjusted payment rates. Mary Ann also provides attendees with a provider DSMT-MNT referral from designed to be Medicare-compliant so as to better ensure passing a Medicare audit.

March 20, 2018

May the Force be with You! Super Creative DSMES Program Marketing Promotions

Many people believe in the saying “if you build it, they will come”. But when it comes to DSMES programs, this is usually not true. To help your programs thrive, rather than just limp along, providers and community marketing promotions (CMPs) are a must. These promotions are targeted to, or planned for providers and local area people to incentivize them to refer and self-refer to your program. All of these super clever, proven, successful promotions should be active, fun, “edu-taining” and non-intrusive. Come to this session, Mary Ann Hodorowicz will outline all these activities, and thus make you marketing experts! Then sit back and watch an increase fo self-referrals and provider referrals roll in!

Mary Ann Hodorowicz

Both webinars will be presented by Mary Ann Hodorowicz, RD, LDN, MBA, CDE, CEC 

Target Audience:

Continuing Education: 
Suwannee River Area Health Education Center, Inc. is a Florida Board of Nursing, Respiratory Care and Florida Council of Dietetics and Nutrition approved provider of continuing education. CE Broker Provider ID#50-1922.

Registration fee includes: continuing education entered into CE Broker, and a certificate emailed post-program.

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