World Cancer Day: We Can. I Can.

February 4th is World Cancer Day. This is a time to reflect on how you – individually, or collaboratively – can make a difference and do your part to reduce the global burden of cancer. Everyone can make a difference. SRAHEC is partnering with the North Central Florida Cancer Control Collaborative to do our part. Thank you to Donald Greist and the Collaborative for contributing this blog post, highlighting our partnership:

The North Central Florida Cancer Control Collaborative (NCFCCC or The Collaborative) is part of the State of Florida Department of Health’s approach to controlling the impact cancer has on the state as a whole. The Collaborative is one of six regional cancer control collaboratives whose strategic plans are developed and implemented by cancer stakeholders to address the Florida Cancer Plan (FCP) goals at the local level. The FCP’s goals are formed around five themes:

The Best Defense is a Great Offense

This theme shows what we can do together to prevent cancer, to shape policy change, and to make the case for investing in cancer control.

Improving Patient Outcomes with Treatment

This theme guides us in how we can improve access to cancer care for patients.

Beyond the Cancer Diagnosis Survivorship

This theme focuses on what we can do together to encourage those affected by cancer to return to work, challenge perceptions, and create healthy schools, workplaces and cities.

Understanding the Burden of Cancer Through Data and Surveillance & Developing Florida as a Cancer Care and Research Destination

The final two themes are all about building a quality workforce and inspiring us to take action both personally and within the organizations we represent. Partnerships help maintain intensity in the fight against cancer, while serving as a powerful tool to inspire others to take action.

The Collaborative has enjoyed a partnership with Suwannee River AHEC over the years. On May 19, 2017, we partnered for the 9th Rural Tobacco Summit by printing program booklets and tabling at the summit. We were given the opportunity to personally introduce participants to the Collaborative.

Following the summit, we hosted a joint event targeting health professionals, advocates, and parents on the importance of the HPV vaccine and its ability to prevent cancer. During this presentation, attendees heard from the manager of the Florida Comprehensive Cancer Control Program, Sam Mooneyhan, who provides oversight and support to all six regional Cancer Control Collaboratives.

However, our partnership goes beyond single events. It is held together by actions we carry out each day. SRAHEC and the Collaborative support each other’s missions in several ways: from sharing ideas that positively benefit the other partner to referring individuals or organizations that may be in need of the other’s services.

Forming partnerships is key to inspiring creative innovation. Through our mutual goal of standing together against cancer, we have made the best use of our combined skills, knowledge, and influence. Partnering with SRAHEC extends the reach and potential of the Collaborative into more rural areas of North Central Florida. SRAHEC has also provided dedicated leadership to the Collaborative, often chairing or serving on planning committees. SRAHEC is dedicated to seeing that The Collaborative’s objectives are not only met, but exceeded. The Collaborative, in turn, will continue to generously and whole-heartedly offer our support to the important work of SRAHEC.

Together, the Collaborative and SRAHEC have joined forces and made a more profound impact than what we would have accomplished through individual efforts. We will accomplish all of our goals and more, with your help, but only through diligent partnerships. Join us now.

We support stakeholders and, equally as important, we aim to support all people across the cancer continuum regardless of role or experience. We acknowledge each unique perspective and encourage, support, and instruct everyone to take action at the local level: Make healthy individual lifestyle choices. Seek understanding about life-saving early detection. Ask for support. Return to work. Fundamentally, we inspire, instruct, and support everyone affected to take control of their own personal cancer journey.

We all have a voice to be shared. Our personal experiences, and the organizations that we work within have the power to make a difference. Share your voice. Be heard. Be part of the conversation. Join us now.

You may visit the Collaborative’s website here to learn more about how the Collaborative functions, and how you or your organization may become a member to add your insight to our collective effort. We also host a blog of our own that you are welcome to contribute to here.

For more information about Florida’s Comprehensive Cancer Control Program, click here. I invite you to reach out to me directly with any inquiry or question you may have, or if you would like to learn about becoming a part of the Collaborative and the We Can, I Can movement. Please call at 352-313-6500 ext. 115 or email me at [email protected].

About the Author: Donald Greist

Donald Greist, BS, is an Associate Planner at WellFlorida Council and Coordinator for North Central Florida Cancer Control Collaborative (NCFCCC). He recently graduated from UF’s College of Health and Human Performance, Department of Health Education and Behavior with honors and a Bachelor of Science in Health Education and a minor in Public Health (UF’s PHHP)
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