The Tobacco Free Florida AHEC Program focuses on providing tobacco treatment groups for community members, training healthcare professionals and students, and implementing systems change in local healthcare facilities.

Group Quit In a virtual or in-person group setting, tobacco users”” learn effective ways to quit for good and are offered a support system as they quit together.

Training We provide continuing education and continuing medical education credits to healthcare professionals. Topics covered include: helping patients quit, motivational interviewing, brief interventions, and referring tobacco users to the Tobacco Free Florida AHEC Program and other Tobacco Free Florida Quit Your Way Services.

Student Training brings emerging healthcare professionals together to learn skills that will help their future patients quit tobacco. We increase the knowledge and skill level of the future healthcare workforce in treating tobacco dependence through similar education that we offer to licensed health professionals.

Systems Change With our help, local clinics and hospitals implement strategies and make changes in their organization to better support tobacco users. These changes lead to universal, evidence-based interventions that are used throughout the organization with all patients.

Group quit is available virtually. Call 866-341-2730 to register for a group today!

Connect on Zoom using a computer or mobile phone, or call in by phone.


“I’ve made it through some very trying times, WITHOUT LIGHTING UP!! YAY!! I wanted to THANK YOU, again, for believing in me and for all of your assistance in getting me where I am and to where I was able to NOT GIVE IN!”

Cheryl L.

“I’ve been quit for 6 weeks now. Working with Keith was very helpful. Since he was an ex-smoker, it was nice to be able to relate.”

Michelle N.

“I have been to several groups before, and Keith was by far the best! I have been smoking for 50 years and he was able to reach me. He gave me hope.”

Georgia W.

“I have stopped smoking 5 months ago thanks to Florida stop smoking program.”

Barbara S.

“Thank you so much for all your help. I am a non smoker now (1 month + 4 days). Yay!!! You guys are awesome!!!”

Lisa B.

“The tricks you taught us work! You even listened to some stories that weren’t even related to what the subject matter was and yet we still managed to get back on track! MIRACLES DO HAPPEN! Thanks for everything you taught me and all the wonderful support you gave me. There’s no way to express how very much it is appreciated. Thank you!”

Kathy H.

“This class has been a positive experience for me. Having never tried to stop smoking with the help of others, I found that this class drastically helped me to reach that goal. Talking with others and finding out that they were experiencing similar issues, helped me to [realize] that my situation wasn’t that bad. This helped me cut my cigarette smoking in half, going from 20 cigarettes a day to about 10. After receiving the patches, I cut down to basically nothing. This class has had such an amazing effect on me, and it was a great experience.”

Patricia S.

“This program literally saved my life!”


“If you want to quit tobacco, this is the place to come!”


“What made the most difference was the access to the products and the support from the group and the facilitator.”


“You and your program have really made a big difference in his life.”

From one patient regarding another

“What you [SRAHEC] do for patients is more important than everything we providers do.”


“Keith does an excellent job running the class. He explains things very thoroughly. He is just good at what he does. I smoked for 40 years and I still learned a lot from the workbook. I am 57 and I got to the point where I put it in my head that I was going to do it. I have been using the lozenges and I haven’t smoked since May 2nd.”

Barbara L.

“People in general are quick to criticize. I believe this is human nature. For me, it’s the opposite. And fully recognize the value and importance of complimenting.

With this in mind, I just wanted to express what a joy it was having Cathy as our group leader of a recent smoking cessation program which I attended. In my opinion, AHEC is fortunate to have an individual such as her. She is genuinely concerned for the individuals who attend. And made it a point to inspire and encourage, aside from the scheduled weekly group meetings, by reaching out with texts. She is well spoken and is quite informative.”
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