Maintaining Mental Wellness During the Holidays

Maintaining Mental Wellness During the Holidays

Most of the time when we think of the holiday season, we think of joy and good tidings. However for many, the holidays can bring stress, anxiety, or reminders of a lost loved one. When searching for tips to stay healthy during the holiday season, you might find hundreds of tips for healthy eating. But what about mental wellness? This holiday season take some time for your mental well-being and try out a few tips below.

1)   Budget, Budget, Budget

There are a lot of reasons to spend during the holidays, be it travel, food or gifts. As tempting as it might be to spend big on your loved ones, be realistic about your financial well-being. Instead of maxing out your credit card, try using cash or debit for expenses, be honest to relatives about realistic travel arrangements and try making a gift!

2)   Everything in Moderation

During the holiday season it is easy to overindulge in food and alcohol while skimping on physical activity. Be practical about your indulgences to avoid feelings of regret or guilt later. If you want to eat a slice of pie or two have at it, and in return try to balance it out with a long walk afterwards. Not only will this make you feel better, but it will alleviate the guilt that comes with indulgence.

3)   Branch out if you’re feeling isolated

Feeling isolated or alone during the holidays happens more often than we think. To avoid these feelings try using spare time to volunteer at a local nonprofit like the humane society or your local homeless shelter. If you know you become isolated during the holidays have friends check up on you, or call a hotline if you would rather keep these feelings personal.

4)   Dealing with Loss

Often times we get so swept up in the holiday spirit that we forget many people are dealing with loss. If you know someone who is dealing with loss during the holidays, try to reach out and ask how you can help. You could invite them to coffee or cook a meal for them. If you are dealing with loss, spend time with people you trust and feel comfortable confiding in. A good tip is to acknowledge that this is a very hard time, but it is also a time to create new traditions. Perhaps you can commemorate that person by volunteering for an organization with a mission dear to their heart. Whatever it is, make sure to check in with yourself and reach out when you need support.

5)   Random Acts of Kindness

It is suggested that committing small, random acts of kindness can actually make you feel happier. This can be something as simple as letting a car in front of you while stuck in traffic, paying for someone’s coffee or giving someone a compliment. This holiday season get in the spirit by doing something small but kind for a stranger, friend, co-worker or family member. You might be surprised how good you feel afterwards!

The holidays can be stressful, but they can also be a time to reflect, shed the past and look forward to the future. This holiday season try one of these tips to reduce stress and most importantly, remember to be gentle to yourself. If you try one of these tips or have other tips for improving mental health during the holidays, comment below and clue us in!






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