What is a CHIP? Why is it Important?

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A Community Health Improvement Plan, or CHIP, is a long-term, systematic effort to address public health problems on the basis of the results of community health assessment (CHA) activities and the community health improvement process. Community Health Assessments (CHA) The Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) describes the purpose of a community health assessment (CHA) in their [...]

Homelessness and Tobacco Use

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April 15-21 is National Volunteer Week. To kick things off, we are highlighting a program in the community that SRAHEC started in 2015 to help the homeless and near-homeless in Gainesville quit tobacco. The transient nature of homelessness makes it challenging to get a good estimate of the number of homeless individuals in the U.S. Estimates [...]

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World Cancer Day: We Can. I Can.

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February 4th is World Cancer Day. This is a time to reflect on how you - individually, or collaboratively - can make a difference and do your part to reduce the global burden of cancer. Everyone can make a difference. SRAHEC is partnering with the North Central Florida Cancer Control Collaborative to do our part. Thank [...]

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World AIDS Day: How Partnerships Increase Impact

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December 1st is World AIDS Day. The theme this year is Increasing Impact through Transparency, Accountability, and Partnerships. SRAHEC has a wonderful partnership with WellFlorida Council, which provides quality HIV care and services to North Central Florida. WellFlorida has specific outreach efforts for those diagnosed with HIV (ARTAS), as well as prevention (HIP). ARTAS stands for [...]

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Respiratory Care Week 2017

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October 22-28 is Respiratory Care Week! Here at Suwannee River AHEC, we rely on Respiratory Therapists to help us with Systems Change in hospitals. Systems Change is how we work with healthcare providers to help people quit tobacco. Often, hospitalization is one of the most likely times for a quit attempt - and it’s a perfect [...]

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